PRONTOVET APP is specially designed for Government VETERINARY DOCTORS. The main objective of the PRONTOVET APP is to reduce the burden of the veterinary doctors. It helps you to maintain your all reports/records within your mobile/tablets in any time at any place

Now a days, veterinarians are very busy with scheme works apart from their core treatment activities, so we have lack of time to complete & submit our reports in proper time.

Due to this time lag, most of the veterinarians wont claim their TA BILLS, which is loss to us. To overcome this all problem, we sortout a mobile application for veterinary doctors. That is PRONTOVET APP, which is easy to use , very user-friendly app.

You can create your monthly reports within a minute, which replaces your conventional method of reporting thereby you can save more time and you get some more time to do your practices and service to people.

By using this PRONTOVET APP you can easily generate reports like TA BILL, TOUR DIARY, MEDICINE REPORTS, and OFFICE LETTERS & MONTHLY REPORTS by using readymade templates. You can save your important activities in NOTES option also.

Most of us have some hesitation in writing POSTMORTEM CERTIFICTE, here we have a solution for it, yes we are preparing post mortem reports also, based on your clinical findings we help you to diagnose the cause of death and we help you to fill pm reports with correct terminologies.

PRONTOVET is a 100% secure and auto-backed up report generating mobile app.